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Denis O’Hara

Denis is a highly respected journalist who has majored in boxing, soccer, golf, gaelic football and hurling. Born in the Glens of Antrim, he joined the Irish News in October 1959, and later had a spell on the staff of the Belfast News Letter. He also had varied Freelance contract work with the Sunday News, Independent Newspapers. News Letter, Press Association Teletext, Downtown Radio, Ulster Television, and a period of 17 years with the Sunday Express when using the pseudonym of Bill Parke.

He is a founder member and past Chairman of the Northern Ireland Football Writers’ Association, a founder member and former Chairman of the Irish Golf Writers’ Association, a founder member of the original GAA All-Star Selection Committee, an original member and past Captain of the Belfast Press Golf Society, and a past Captain of Cushendall Golf Club (1983).


Colin McAlpin

Colin McAlpin was born in Belfast, where he runs his own Media company – McAlpin George Maguire Associates – providing arts/entertainment/travel/lifestyle features to newspapers and magazines as well as broadcasting outlets both within the British Isles and internationally. He is a weekly contributor to a San Diego radio station, broadcasting on British and Irish soccer.

He is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known journalists – having worked as a Sports Editor and Arts and Entertainments Editor – as well as on staff and as a contributor to the News Letter, Irish News, Sunday News, Sunday Life, CityWeek, Belfast Telegraph, BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Radio 5, UTV, Downtown Radio, CityBeat and several regional weekly publications both in Ireland and in England. He has worked in exciting places like Mansfield, Sunderland and Herefordshire on daily newspapers. He currently provides film related features and previews to Sunday Life, several Northern Ireland regional newspapers, American magazines, TV3 and several IT outlets.

He has hosted his own shows on BBC Radio Ulster, has contributed regularly to Radio 5 and has had a play successfully performed throughout the British Isles.

He was a founder of the Guild of Regional Film Writers and the old Northern Ireland Film Council (now the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission).

He is a former Chair of Dance Northern Ireland.

He has travelled extensively on all the Amtrak – American Railroad – routes across the USA and on ViaRail in Canada, writing and broadcasting on his experiences. He has also travelled throughout Russia, North Africa, Mexico and Europe and written and broadcast about his journeys.

He is an authority – small ‘a’ – on the American Civil War and since he is a backer of lost causes he is a lifelong supporter of and season ticket holder at Blackburn Rovers and Crusaders! Even worse, he follows the New York Mets baseball team!

His thriller Dead Line is published in the USA.

Return To Retreat

MINNIE O’Hara, an original member of the Glens of Antrim Historical Society in 1965, left a goldmine of recollection relating not only to her experiences as a much-travelled schoolteacher but also acute observations on how life was lived in the Glens of Antrim long before... continue reading

All Saints

September 1961 marked the beginnings of a very special era in Irish amateur boxing, when Father Alex Darragh founded the Ballymena All Saints Boxing Club on the Cushendall Road.