Glendun Goes Kindle

May 18, 2012

A range of Glendun Publishing books are now available on Amazon Kindle.


Following the success of Colin McAlpin’s crime thriller, DEAD LINE, which is also on Kindle, the McAlpin projects are – A is for MURDER and HOLY MURDER – all part of THE RACHEL ANDREWS MYSTERIES series and the August 13, 2012, release of THE EDGE OF EVENING.


The latest production is an epic adventure set against the turbulence of the last days of the American Civil War and the opening of the West … a tender story of love, lost love, and betrayal – surrounded by action, and the fall of a nation.


THE EDGE OF EVENING story coincides with the 150th anniversary of the start of the war between the Union and the Confederate States and uses authentic battles, locations, and characters alongside realistic fictional plotting to commemorate the period.


McAlpin’s early trio of fast-paced thrillers, DEAD LINE, A is for MURDER, and HOLY MURDER feature feisty young Belfast newspaper reporter Rachel Andrews in murder and mystery, and set in colourful international locations.


‘A’ IS FOR MURDER – a series of mysterious murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland, leads Rachel Andrews, along with her girl friends and colleagues, into a dangerous world of intrigue, betrayal and death as she races against time to find the clues that will catch a killer. Nothing is ever what it seems.


HOLY MURDER – Rachel Andrews and colleagues enter the murky world of a charismatic evangelist who might not be what he seems. They come face-to-face with an international scandal that threatens them all. A twist on every page.


DEAD LINE – Rachel Andrews and her best friend, Jayne head to the USA for a dream coast-to-coast trip on Amtrak, but a determined hit-man has deadly plans for the girls. A fast-paced thriller that takes in New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and the Colorado Rockies’ town of Estes Park. It packs a punch on every page.


If you love a wee dram, then the perfect chaser is . . . A LITTLE OF WHAT YOU FANCY, by noted English writer Phil Penfold … everything you need to know about drinking and drinkers.



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