Dead Line

A First Class Ticket to Murder

A reporter’s business trip on an Amtrak train turns into the deadliest ride of her life in Colin McAlpin’s latest thriller (released in the USA).

Rachel Andrews, a beautiful, feisty reporter for Belfast’s News Letter, and her best friend, Jayne, are working on a series of stories when a murderous stalker from Rachel’s past resurfaces in this chilling tale of terror.

And there are also wealthy and dangerous people living lives of lust, betrayal and revenge on the sidelines who will become involved with the two traveling companions and the friends they make on the journey.

Their travels take them across the U.S. from New York and the New England states to Chicago, Denver and Estes Park in the Colorado Rockies, where their journey west turns into a one-way trip straight into the killer’s hands.

But who is this crazed madman? What is his connection to Rachel’s past? Will Rachel and Jayne escape their mysterious murderer, or with their ride on the California Zephyr be their last?

McAlpin’s blood-pumping story comes at you like a freight train barreling through wicked twists and turns that leaves you breathless. With surprising plots and subplots that culminate into an unexpected climax, this is an exhilarating novel you will not want to miss.

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